Which three features should you make the most of from the new Claris FileMaker 19 platform?

Which three features should you make the most of from the new Claris FileMaker 19 platform?

Which three features should you make the most of from the new Claris FileMaker 19 platform?

Over recent weeks and months, we have had a number of conversations with businesses who either have used, or are looking to use, the FileMaker platform to digitally enhance their business processes and improve efficiency.

With the news that Claris has released FileMaker 19, we have been providing advice for these businesses and others, about how the newly updated workplace innovation platform could support their business.

In a previous article we highlighted seven key features of the new FileMaker 19 platform and in this article we are going to focus in on three key features that we believe businesses should be making the most of from the updated platform.

1) The Core ML feature:

The Core Machine Learning feature is one of the most promising updates from this version of the FileMaker platform. 

It presents the opportunity to create intelligent apps, including the use of image recognition technology, or OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

For many businesses that we speak to, improving efficiencies within their processes is a key reason they are looking at using the FileMaker platform. 

or industries like manufacturing, for example, this update will allow them to drastically improve the efficiency of their inventory management, among other possible applications, by analysing and counting objects within photos.

2) JavaScript integration:

The increased JavaScript integration within the FileMaker 19 update also provides significant capabilities for businesses.

This feature opens up a new world of integration with pre-built libraries, and will enable you to now integrate tools including calendars, Gantt charts or Kanban boards within your product to improve workflows.

Productivity-wise, this is a major step forward because it will allow you to visually track your work through its various stages.

More importantly though, it will also allow you to make better-informed decisions about your business. The integrations from your Gantt charts, Kanban boards and other data sources mean you are able to analyse and scrutinise your data in a more efficient way to get more insights.

For business in the manufacturing industry for example, this feature within the new FileMaker update allows you to improve the efficiency of your workforce throughout the business- from sales and marketing to invoicing and production.

3) The add-ons feature:

This feature provides us with the ability to build a library of functionalities to easily share between solutions.

It’s a key feature because in many cases it will enable us to reduce the development time for projects by accessing best practice from other projects as well as other development teams, meaning we can implement new functionality quicker.

We are delighted with this feature because our core offering is to support businesses with digital transformation and to improve the efficiency of their processes, and this feature will allow us to do this faster.

With more than 15 years of experience in the software development industry, supporting a number of businesses with their digital transformation projects, we always seek to provide the most cutting edge solutions for our clients.

The recent Claris FileMaker update offers a significant opportunity for businesses that are seeking to implement or improve digital transformation using the leading workplace innovation platform.