What does the new FileMaker 19 platform mean for my manufacturing business?

What does the new FileMaker 19 platform mean for my manufacturing business?

What does the new FileMaker 19 platform mean for my manufacturing business?

Following the recent update to the FileMaker platform, we have been speaking a number of businesses- especially those in the manufacturing sector- who are asking what FileMaker 19 will mean for their business, and what it will mean for innovation in their workplace.

In previous articles we have highlighted the key features as we see them, but in this article we are going to highlight what these features actually mean for businesses in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Improve inventory management:

The Core Machine Learning (Core ML) feature within FileMaker 19 enables us to create intelligent apps with the most cutting edge technology available.

Image recognition technology, or OCR (Optical Character Recognition), will support manufacturing businesses because it will improve the efficiency of aspects of their business such as inventory management.

Machine learning promises to enable manufacturing businesses the ability to point a camera towards the shelves in your warehouse, with your application being able to tell you how much stock you have available as well as any key information about it.

Core ML also presents us with opportunities to incorporate facial recognition into the warehouse and other parts of your business.

  1. Scan products and equipment more efficiently:

Another key feature within the recent update to the Claris FileMaker platform is the ability to configure NFC (Near Field Communications) reading. FileMaker 19 will allow you to read NFC tags, and expands on the current barcode scanning capabilities.

For manufacturing businesses, this will be useful for warehouse management, where iBeacon technology will support inventory management and provide you with the ability to scan products and equipment in-and-out quickly and more efficiently.

  1. More efficient workflows and manufacturing processes:

While many businesses in the manufacturing industry are using technology as they seek to improve their sales and marketing processes, many we speak to still have manual processes when it comes to their manufacturing. 

FileMaker 19’s JavaScript update allows for increased integration within tools such as calendars, Gantt charts and Kanban boards to enable you to manage your workflows and manufacturing processes more visually, and therefore improve efficiency.

This will also enable other members of your team to stay up-to-date with the progress of orders, to keep customers informed and to therefore improve your customer service output.

  1. Scrutinise data and make more informed decisions:

A key issue for many manufacturing businesses we speak to is the collaboration between different teams, from their sales and marketing teams to their manufacturing and warehouse teams.

The increased JavaScript integration within FileMaker 19 means that data can be presented in much simpler formats and scrutinised much more, allowing your business to make more informed decisions, quicker.

This enhanced data analysis could also make it much easier for your teams to collaborate and share insights with colleagues.

The recent FileMaker 19 update offers a significant opportunity for businesses, especially those in the manufacturing industry, that are seeking to implement or improve digital transformation using the leading workplace innovation platform.