Seven key features of the new FileMaker 19 platform

Digital transformation: Seven key features of the new FileMaker 19 platform

Digital transformation: Seven key features of the new FileMaker 19 platform

With more than 15 years of experience in the software development industry, supporting a number of businesses with their digital transformation projects, we always seek to provide the most cutting edge solutions for our clients.

With that in mind, the Claris have just release the latest version of the Claris FileMaker platform, and in this article we will highlight the seven features of version 19 that we see as key from the leading workplace innovation platform, and we will explore the possibilities they could provide for your business.

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1) Improved script integration:

FileMaker 19 supports increased JavaScript integration, which now makes it easier for us to access thousands of JavaScript libraries and opens up a whole new world of functionality.

This increased integration also makes some development processes easier and more robust, and therefore means we are able to support your business in a more timely manner.

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2) The possibilities for machine learning and creating intelligent apps:

The Core ML feature in this update enables us to utilise the power of machine learning to create intelligent apps, which will support features including facial recognition.

Looking at the manufacturing industry as an example again, this feature will also provide a number of opportunities as it will support a more efficient model for counting stock and searching your inventory.

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3) Tag reading capabilities:

This FileMaker 19 update allows you to read NFC (Near Field Communications) tags, and expands on the current bar code scanning capabilities.

This is an important feature, particularly for manufacturing and other similar businesses, because of the possible applications that could be applied to inventory management.

4) Improved layout design tools:

FileMaker WebDirect now supports the card window style, which opens up some great UI (User Interface) functionality if you need to access your data on the web.

These card windows provide a better user interface for when you’re dealing with data, they make it easier to interpret and scrutinise data from other sources, and they bring the design of our solution on the web in line with our desktop solutions. 

5) It makes it easier to expand your custom apps:

The add-ons featureis great as these will allow us to package up functionality more easily, which will in turn speed up the development process.

For our clients, this means that we are able to help you streamline your business processes, automate tasks and grow revenue, quicker.

5) Not being left in the dark: 

Dark mode is a big thing for Apple at the moment. With this new update, FileMaker can now detect dark mode and it will allow you to display layouts based on the user’s preference.

7) The enhanced security:

With the new Claris ID account authentication feature, you are able to centralise authentication with your solutions to make things easier.

In simple terms, it means that you are able to control whether users must sign in each time they open a FileMaker Pro file.

And so much more…

Another key takeaway from this update to the FileMaker platform is the messaging that in future, new features will be released when they are ready, rather than the previous timelines of releases every 12-18 months.

This means that we can expect new functionality to be ready faster, which allows our team to provide you with the most up-to-date technology available, quicker.

The recent FileMaker 19 update offers a significant opportunity for businesses that are seeking to implement or improve digital transformation using the leading workplace innovation platform.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you streamline your business processes, automate tasks, and grow your revenue using the Claris FileMaker platform, please get in touch

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